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Eco Thermal Homes Ltd was founded in 2006 and began by completing small scale projects such as extensions and renovations to existing homes. As the downturn in the economy and particularly in the construction industry began to take hold in 2008 we seen the need to specialise our services and take real note of what was most important to homeowners as regards the type of works they would most likely require during a time of financial constraint.

From our experience we had observed that the running cost of heating systems coupled with the extreme lack of insulation in homes build right up until the early 1990s was a major issue for homeowners. The continued rise in the price of oil and gas was sending heating bills “through the roof” along with the heat being produced as many of these homes were very poor insulated, if at all.

We began to look into the types of insulating systems available and how we could go about specialising in them. We spoke with some of the main manufacturers of insulation in Ireland and were pointed in the direction of Pw Thermal Building Solutions Ltd, a specialist company dedicated to the supply of Powerwall External Wall Insulation products and thermally efficient solutions to the New Build Construction and Retrofit markets.

We attended a training course with them at their specially designed training centre and from there went on to register with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and National Standards Authority of Ireland as an approved Contractor for grant aided insulation and energy efficient upgrade works.


Better Energy Homes Scheme

The Better Energy Homes Scheme (BEHS) provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) administers the scheme.

Assistance is provided by way of fixed grant amounts towards the costs of implementing upgrade measures. There are a range of measures currently eligible under this scheme.

Grant Aided Energy Upgrade Works we Deliver

For further information on the range of grants available under the BEHS scheme click on the link below.

Alternatively you can contact us directly to discuss the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and what grants are available to you via email or telephone us directly on 087 627 1653.

Current BEHS Eco Grants Available in pdf format BEHS Eco Grants Available List (pdf file)

External Insulation

External Insulation is the simplest and easiest way of thermally upgrading homes and buildings
 without massive disruption as all works can be carried out whilst the buildings are occupied.

Our systems increase the comfort levels, as well as totally transforming the appearance of the built environment.

External wall insulation is more effective than normal cavity wall insulation and it can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.

Our three individual systems offer a complete solution for any type of building, ranging from low rise to high rise, with a wide range of finishes including renders, brick slips, modern acrylic coatings and cladding which not only reduce heat loss but also deliver all of the following advantages;

Additional Services


Cavity Insulation

If your home has an existing cavity we can organise to have Kingspan Ecobead Cavity Wall Insulation pumped in to completely fill this cavity and dramatically reduce the heat loss through your walls. We may need to visit your home to confirm this cavity and advise as to the thickness of insulation that can be pumped in.


Internal Insulation

Sometimes it is not possibly to Externally Insulate solid walls due to footpath restrictions or stone cladding or similar. In these circumstances we can Internally Insulate your walls by installing Kingspan Internal Insulated Plasterboard Slabs. These boards can be easily installed without any effect on the external appearance of the home.


Attic Insulation

HEAT RISES! That is a fact!! Installing or Topping Up your Attic Insulation is by far the cheapest and fastest way of preventing heat loss from your home. As part of our site survey we can inspect your attic to assess the current level of insulation that is in place and advise you as to the level of insulation required to bring your attic up to current building regulation levels.



A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is an accurate indication of the overall energy performance of your home. A BER certificate is accompanied by an Advisory Report which identifies how you might further improve the energy performance of your home. We can recommend and organise an assessor to complete your BER.


Building Works

We regularly complete General Building works such as Extensions, Renovations, Groundworks, Drainage Works, Landscaping, as well as Attic Conversions works. We have extensive experience in Carpentry/Joinery, Concrete Finishing, Tiling, Block and Brick Laying as well as Plumbing, Electrical and Plastering Services.



We have experience in small and large scale Building Maintenance Projects such as Apartment Complexes and Housing Estates. We can provide references such as Private and Public Housing Associations, Private Residence Groups as well as one off home owners with whom we have worked closely and successfully over the years.


The following galleries represent some of the projects Eco Thermal Homes have completed. Click/ touch the displayed image to open a gallery.


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